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急!!!需要英文高手 [[中翻英]] 關於台灣的教育 15





1. 一昧的只看到歐美國家的先進有沒有看到人家的環境他們幾百年來就是採這種教育政策, 所以孩子沒有適應問題我們的孩子適應的要死要活還適應不良. 反到學習倒退

2. 或許是中國人謙虛的美德吧,我們的家長、老師都不太會誇獎孩子,認為好還要更好,考試考了99分,還會問孩子怎麼會扣掉了一分?永遠用貶抑的方式去回答,久而久之,孩子當然認為自己比別人差、比別人不好,永遠沒自信!!!

3. 教育要改,就要動體制,比如學制,考核制度等,一下去就是數十萬人的試驗,我們的建構式數學,多元教學方法不就是一次考三十萬白老鼠嗎?

4. 大學太多了




反而造成「人人都是大學生 滿街都是大學生」的情況

5. 教改改了一大堆...



謝謝~~ 拜託了!!!!

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    1. Hide see advancement of American-European countries see a others' one environmental they these kind of policy for education of adopting in over several hundred years only, so child have meet child , issue of we adapt to is it is it return maladjustment while being living to want extremely to want. Get instead and learn to fall back

    2. Perhaps it is Chinese's modest virtue , our parents , teacher will not praise children very much, it thinks to be but also good well, examination do in the test 99, ask how could spike shed first child? Go to answer by means of belittling forever, as time passes, certainly the child thinks oneself worse than others , not better than others, not self-confident forever! ! !

    3. Education should be changed, will move the system such as length of schooling soon, system to assess ,etc., it is the tests of hundreds of thousands of people to go, building constructing type mathematics of us, is the plural teaching method to take an exam of 300,000 white mice once?

    4. There are too many universities

    Cause the enrolling rate too high

    And the threshold achievement of some universities is too low

    Wanting to employ students and enter the school simply

    Cause the situation that ' everybody is that university student's full street is university students ' instead

    5. A lot of educational reform ...

    More than for one key link ....Just tired more pitiful pupils

    Let more students become qualified " white mice "! !

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