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請教大家,我的視窗右下角每次開機都會有惡意的廣告(ShopAtHome)的標誌出現,我已經試過各種方法,包括新增移除程式、系統設定公用程式及先前知識+網友提供的advanced uninstaller刪除程式,將它移除,但全都沒效,每次開機它還是存在,而且還每天寄E-MAIL廣告信給我,跟我索取資料,好像要用資料去換取它的解除檔吧?真是快被它逼瘋了!請各位想辦法救救我吧!拜託了!

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    How do I uninstall the SelectRebates Software?

    If at any point you decide that you like shopping directly though the site and prefer not to use SelectRebates, it can be easily removed in your computer's Control Panel, under Add/Remove Programs. Our Software may be listed as any of the following: SelectRebates, Golden Retriever Select Rebates Software, ShopAtHome Select Agent, SAHAGENT, or Golden Retrieve Cash Back. Click on the name of our Software, then click on Change/Remove. Once you reboot, the software will be removed.

    Another way to uninstall the software is to go to and follow the directions posted there.

    If you encounter difficulties in removing the Software, please contact us at Please note that third party spyware removal programs, such as Norton or McAfee, do not completely remove the SelectRebates software, and we strongly advise against using these programs to remove our Software.