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台灣家庭暴力的發生率介於百分之十一點七至百分之卅五之間,可以說每三對夫妻之中,至少有一對遭受家庭暴力之苦 。以這樣高的發生率,如果提供服務的人員未能給予適當的服務,對受暴者而言,等於是又一次的傷害。


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    It's a higher incidence in our country than the USA or UK. Although it was lack of professional investigation of incidence for the family violence in our country, but we could retrieve the data from the research of Women Life as reference and the data tells most of women were drubbing..

    We abstracted 1316 women from North/Central/South/East Area of Taiwan for examination, there were 30% of women experienced the violent marriage, and 10% of women suffered serious violence.

    According to the investigation report from Taiwan Province Society Bureau (1993), there were 17.8 % of housewives been drubbing by their husbands. A result of women satisfaction from the Modern Women Foundation (1995) showed 11.7% of women admitted they had the hitting experience by their husbands. The Mackay Hospital (1995) also pointed , there were 36% of Ear Drum Crack were caused by husband beat up!! According to the statistics of Taipei City Women Benefit Centre (1996), they received more than 3,000 calls appealed for help, obviously there are 15,000 -17,000 abused women in Taipei. Furthermore, 89% violence have no crime record and 91% are not mental disorder...

    Those data probably only showed corner stories , due to most of Chinese are influence in "Face" and 'Family Scandal" problem, women appealed for help are still low. The family violence could be the highest crime recorder currently . Therefore, we could not overlook and ignore such problem which it might threaten victim's life and safety.

    The incidence of Family Violence in Taiwan is between 11.7% -35%, equally one of 3 couples is suffering the violence. In such high incidence, if the staffs could not provide an adequate and proper service then it could be another hurts to those victims.

    參考資料: Myself
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  • 丫綠
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    The occurrence rate of the country is apparently aller high than the United States or England.Although my country lacks of exclusively inquisition of aiming at the domestic violence occurrence rate, from other with the women live for research of investigating the purpose in, many women are canned be a reference by the data of the Ou.In the Taiwanese north, , south, the east is four areas, sample 1316 women to carry on inquisition totally, find as a result 35% of the women have ever checked a domestic violence, having 10% of the women to have ever suffered serious violence. Social in Taiwan is in the inquisition result of women's living condition, have 17% points eight of the women indicate that have ever encountered Sir's suddenly and violently.Modern women's foundation(1995) lives the satisfaction inquisition to women, find to have 11% points seven of the women admit experience contused by Sir.Mackay hospital(1995) also puts forward a report, showing 36% of the ear drums breaking a sick and wounded person is because domestic violence cause.According to north area women in Taipei City the covariance of the welfare center(1996), equally receive every year 3,000 ask for help a telephone above, estimates Taipei City exists 15,000-17,000 be subjected to Nue women.And 89% points seven of suddenly and violently have no record of previous crime record, 91% points two of suddenly and violently isn't a mental illness.

    These datas may are just the iceberg dime very much, at Chinese"good face" and"the family scandal heart knot" of under influence, women request help of comparison still low, domestic violence of black number be very likely to be ll criminal records in highest, therefore, so a substance threat the life security of problem, allow of no us really again appease ignore.

    2006-12-19 08:31:12 補充:

    The occurrence rate of the Taiwanese domestic violence lies of 35/7-100 in 11% points,

    2006-12-19 08:31:30 補充:

    at least a rightness of bitterness that suffers domestic violence.

    2006-12-19 08:31:43 補充:

    With this high occurrence rate, if provide service of the personnel can not give appropriate service,

    2006-12-19 08:32:00 補充:

    talk towards being subjected to suddenly and violently and, is tantamount to again a time injury.

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