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貓的學名是Felis silvestris catus。

Cat's systematic name is Felis silvestris catus.




In the raising situation, the cat may live 15 to 20 years, known was

most long once lives for 36 years. The family cat if must leave the

gate (so to be possible to avoid attack and accident), then may live a

longer life. In the modern city stray cat usually only can survive for

2 years, or is shorter. Cat's foot bottom has the fat meat pad, thus

walks silently.



Preys on

Is different to other carnivores, the cat nearly does not eat any

plant. Such as Xiong Huokou usually can supplement like food and so on

fruit, rhizome, honey, but cat then special meat. The cat happy preys

on the mouse class, sometimes also eats the frog, the snake and so on.





The cat extremely loves cleanly, if they often lick protect the fur.

Their saliva is similar to Yu Ch'ianghsiao the cleanser, but this

saliva can cause the human allergy.

The cat in order to supplement the energy, causes the sleep time to be

longer than other animals. Daily sleep time in 12 to during 16 hours,

average in 13 to 14 hours, but has the part the cat meets at the sleep

20 hours.




Cat's variety are quite many, each variety all has the out of the

ordinary characteristic. Under humanity's choice copulation, the cat

is classified based on the fur type for grows hair the cat and the

short wool cat. The cat has the many kinds of colors and the pattern,

but this for variety different, what they or the identical species,

are all most common is the tiger grain cat.


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    The trinomial name for domestic cat is Felis silvestris catus (學名一定要斜體)

    體態 Physical features


    (既然就已經知道是 domestic cats 家貓就不須說在飼養的情況下)

    The average domestic cat can live fifteen to twenty years, with the oldest living up to 36 years. If the domestic cat is not allowed to leave the house (therefore avoid attacks and accidents), it may live longer. In modern cities a stray may only live up to two years, if not shorter. Cats's paws are lined with a pad of fats, allowing them to travel without sound.

    捕食 Prey


    Unline other carnivores, cats do not eat any plants. For example, bears or dogs often supplement with plant sources such as fruits, roots, and honey. Cats, on the other hand, only eat meat. Cats preys on small animals such as mice, and sometimes frogs and snakes too.

    習性 Habit

    貓非常愛乾淨,如它們時常舔護毛皮。它們的唾液如同於強效清潔劑,但這唾液會使人類過敏。 貓為了補充精力,使得睡眠時間比其它動物長。每日睡眠時間在12至16小時間,平均在13至14小時,但有部份的貓會睡眠上20小時。

    Cats are very aware of their cleaniness, and so they often lick their own fur. Cats saliva is a strong cleaning agent; however, this saliva may invoke an allergic reaction in humans. In order to conserve energy, cats have long sleep hours than do other animals. Cats daily sleeping time range from twelve to sixteen hours, averaging at thirteen to fourteen hours of sleep; some cats may also sleep up to twenty hours

    品種 Varieties of breeds


    Cats come in a large variety of breeds, each breed has its own characteric features. Because of common crossbreeding, cats are simply defined as domestic longhair or domestic shorthair. The furs are also of a large variety of colors and patters, but this is not an indication of different breeds. The most common pattern is the tiger grain.