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    Lose the weight!!!

    To “lose weight” has already become a very popular thing around the world, especially to the women. Because most of the women are care about their shapes of the bodies, they are worry about that they will be laugh by the people if their bodies are out of shape, furthermore, if a woman has a good body shape she will have the confidence on wearing clothes, and her sexy will lure men’s desire…By those reasons people are trying different ways to lose weight, and the scientists are also working on the techniques that can help people to lose weight more easily.

    The most common and popular way to lose weight is to take the diet, a lot movie stars and idles are control their weight by eating less than normal people do, they avoid the high calories food, they schedule the time for their each meals, and they have to learn how to suppress and refuse the temptation of the delicious foods. There are also some people over trying to lose weight, which might bring an even worse result, and the body can not maintain the function, eventually the person will faint or become an anorexic.

    To lose weight isn’t a bad thing to do, but we have to use the correct way, because decrease the amount of the food that you eat every day won’t do any good to your health, in my point of view, I would like to recommend people to exercise instead of take the diets. Exercise is a very wholesome activity in our life, there are tons of different sports we could do, such as swimming, tennis, basketball, baseball, jugging, and badminton…etc. They are all good for us, our bodies, and will be very helpful to maintain our weight.

    If you want to have a nice body shape, don’t used any other ways except exercise, people they prefer to take diets or medicines, because they are just LAZY to do the exercise, so if you want to have both a nice body shape and a healthy person, let’s start doing the exercise as soon as possible! GO!!!

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