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英文短篇句字修改:標題 內容 句字 文法

Topic :Activities After Midterm

Main idea

After finished the midterm exam, the three guys are discussing today's English exam, English is Neo the most worry of subject, so his classmates tell him to take a easy and deal with it. At first they are planning to KTV to sing, but in the end they are decide going to see a movie tomorrow.

Jay:This series of 007 movies are excellent. Have you seen 007 before, Joy?  

(一定要用have you seen it before嗎?)

Joy: You bet. That's fine with me.

*plan + RV

=plan on


they are planning on KTV to sing

上面的句字是要唸出來的,所以盡量口語話,如果內容有更好的idea可以提供,就麻煩一下囉 ^^~謝謝。


main idea大概是這樣子,如果有其他的更好的句字可以加入喔!謝謝。

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    我毒美國學校的 英文okay的拉 不過也不是十全十美拉...希望改的還okay拉 XD" 不過...先生 or 小姐...你的paragraph 還真的讓人很難改阿 ˇ︿ˇ

    (我全部改成past tense 喔...)

    1. After the midterm, three guys were discussing about the English exam. English was Neo's most unconfident subject. His classmates told him not to worry and take it easy. The three guys were planning on singing at the KTV, but however, they decided that they would watch a movie the next day.

    2. 布衣定阿 = = 只是那樣比較順吧 你就頂多家個 ever. "Have you ever seen 007 before?"

    參考資料: 我的頭腦 囧” XD
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