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the merry go round of life 的歌詞

請問有人有這首曲的中英文歌詞 還有作者 和這曲子的介紹

還有 哪裡可以下載此曲 小弟沒能找到 謝謝個位

1 個解答

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    Get a ticket, take a ride

    On the merry-go-round of life.

    Round and round and round it goes

    Then a man will take a wife.

    The children come, we watch them grow

    And soon they leave their home.

    Now Mom and Dad, they can retire

    Till the ringing of the phone.

    Can you watch the kids an hour or so?

    We're both just so worn out!

    We get up on that ride again

    No time to sit about.

    Then comes the time the kids will say

    What shall we do with Mom and Dad?

    They just can't seem to cope no more

    And that makes us feel bad.

    Where is that time that's in between?

    The relaxing in the sun

    That carousel sure did us out

    Now that our work is done.

    拉斐特查爾斯, 是出生和上升在亞特蘭大, GA, 是音樂家有獨特的聯合的天分是作曲家、歌曲作者、歌唱者、鋼琴演奏家、聲音教練, 和生產商。拉斐特運作與Grammy 授予優勝者(Curtis Mayfield, 被拘捕的發展帶位者, 和講話), 和其它各種各樣的藝術家, 譬如是的Bobby ・Valentino, 和掠奪"因此掠奪" 和"Cosby 展示" 。

    拉斐特, 真名是拉斐特夏天, 是Morehouse 學院的畢業生, 與一BA 在作曲裡。他是世界使有名望的Morehouse 學院高興俱樂部的成員, 根據Wendell P. Whalum 的方向。

    參考資料: ME+yahoo