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履歷要用的..謝謝大家的幫忙 !!




4.我還參加了行銷部門的動腦小組( Brain Storming),協助行銷活動的進行,並時常在會議中提出新鮮有創意的的點子來執行,為公司注入一股活力。因此我認為我在行銷管理方面的能力是相當有天份!


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    1.I finish the job which the manager entrusts accurately.

    2.No matter here in the face of guest or manager, what I behave quite outstanding.

    3.My selling ability is obvious to more all in addition.

    4.I have also joined moving the brain group (Brain Storming ) of the marketing department, help to be on sale throughout the going on of the activity, and the idea that often put forward the fresh and creative one in the meeting is carried out, inject a whiff of vigor into company. So I think that my ability in marketing management quite has natural gift!

    5.I have a positive , enthusiastic and responsible personality speciality , and my always useful vigor and idea. It was very good that my individual character let me all behave on the work and on interpersonal relationships .

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