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10. How much _____ do you eat?

(A) dollars (B) pencil (C) beef (D) cakes

11. Tom has _______ good friends at school.

(A. a lot of B.a lot C.a little D.much )

12. There isn't ______ beef in the kitchen.

(A. some B.many C.any D.a )

13. How _____ homework do you have today?

(A. many B. much C. often D. a little )

14. How did they _____?

(A. get the gym B. get there C. get to there D. get to gym )

15. Tom is standing between ________.

(A. you and he and she and I and her )

16. I eat ______ rice every day.

(A. any B.some C.a lot D.many )

17. A: Did you buy any cakes? B: Yes, but ________.

(A. not much B.many C.not many D.a little )

18. Who are you waiting _______, Mary?

(A. B.for D.with )

19. I like steak. Do you like ______?

(A. it B. us C. them D. they )

20. I saw _____ cats and dogs in the park.

(A) lot of (B) any (C) some (D) much

21. What about _____ to the movies this evening?

(A) goes (B) go (C) went (D) going

22. Go two blocks and turn left _____

(A) on the Market Road. (B) on Market Road. (C) at the train station.

23. I like hamburgers. Do you like _____?

(A) it (B) us (C) that (D) them

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    10 牛肉 人類不以鈔票,鉛筆為主食, cakes雖為食物 但是要用many形容

    11 A, having a lot of friends

    12 any , beef不可數 some前面是用are

    13much 功課不可數

    14 get there

    15 you and I

    16 some, rice 不可數

    17 not many cakes 可數

    18 waiting for 習慣用法

    19 it 代指steak

    20 a lot of , cats dogs可數

    21 going ,習慣用法 how about doing something

    22 at the train statition

    23 them 複數漢堡