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請幫我英文翻譯拜託大家~~~~拜託 ><




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  • 1 0 年前

    Under the condition that this investment and finance count for much times, investor faces domestic and international fund category numerous, and market easily enter, general investor's wanting not only to the fund to do full understanding must also according to the own need choice, this research mainly is by factor analysis and horse can Wei efficiency ex- good luck model to let the investor be able to understand home fully 20 grow up a type a fund and carry on actively.

    The factor analysis is a kind of with the factor or factor of the less, explain more variable, the combination of these factors is good enough to explain the common characteristic of this related variable, make use of these characteristics fund divide into set, the same of flock funds in the set all maintain a just related connection, rising to fall in the meantime.And different flock the set then presents a negative related or not related connection, the possible relation is contrary or don't influence each other activity.Pick each risk in a heap of viable portfolio under, expect guerdon biggest of portfolio;Or each expectation remunerate a bottom, total risk lowest portfolio.Portfolio on-line pick is an efficiency ex- good luck curve, efficiency ex- good luck line under of the scope is all and can go to solve of gather.The outside of the line then is the condition of the impossible occurrence.

    This research the main function measure the risk and valuation to remunerate a potential, reducing investor to choose the fund complicated to do the best portfolio, carrying on the suggestion that invests proportion and combines, turning down risk and raising guerdon, don't wasting investment resource, raising investment results.

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