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第五課Darkness at Noon

第六課Where the Grass Is Greener




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    Darkness at Noon


    Blind from birth, I have never had the opportunity to see myself and have been completely dependent on the image I create in the eyes of the observer.

    因為從出生就看不見, 所以我從來沒有機會看見自己, 我完全憑藉著自己在旁人眼中所創造的形象認識自己

    To date it has not been narcissistic.


    There are those who assume that since I can't see, I obviously also cannot hear.

    有些人認為既然看不見, 顯然也就聽不見.

    Very often people will converse with me at the top of their lungs, pronouncing each world very carefully.

    常常人們在跟我談話時會提高嗓門, 小心翼翼地把每個字的發音都唸清楚

    Conversely, people will also often whisper, assuming that my eyes don't work, and my ears don't, either.

    相反地, 人們也常常竊竊私語, 以為我的眼睛不管用, 我的耳朵也不一樣

    For example, when I go to the airport and ask the ticket counter for assistance to the plane, they will invariably pick up the phone, call a ground hostess and whisper :" Hi, Jane, we've got a seventy here."

    舉例來說, 當我到機場要求櫃檯人員協助我上飛機時, 她們總是會拿起電話打給地勤人員, 然後低聲說:"喂!珍, 我們這裡有70號狀況"

    I have concluded that the word "blind" is not used for one of two reasons:


    Either they tear that if the dread word is spoken, their retinas will immediately detach , or they are reluctant to inform me of my condition, of which I may not have been aware.

    她們不是害怕一旦說出這個可怕的字眼, 眼角膜就會立即脫落;要不然就是不願意讓我知道我是瞎子的情況, 認為可能我對此情況一直以來都不知情.

    On the other hand, others know that, of course, I can hear , but believe that I can't talk.

    另一方面, 有些人知道我當然聽得見, 但是他們卻以為我不會說話.

    Often, there fire, when my wife and I go out to dinner, a waiter or waitress will ask Kit if ” he would like a drink ,”to which I respond that “indeed he would.

    因此, 常常我和太太在外面吃晚飯時, 男服務生或女服務生會問我太太Kit說:”他要不要來杯飲料?”對這種問題, 我就回答說:”他當然要.”

    This point was graphically driven home to me while we were in England.

    我們在英國的時候, 我更是清楚地體會這一點.

    I had been given a year’s leave of absence from my Washington law firm to study for a diploma in law degree ar Oxford University.

    華盛頓的律師事務所給我一年的長假, 讓我去牛津大學修得法學學位。

    During the year I became ill and had to be hospitalized.

    那一年當中, 有一次我生病住院。

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    Immediately after admission, I was wheeled down to the X-ray room.

    一入院後, 很快我就坐著輪椅被推去X光室

    Outside the door sat an elderly woman-elderly I would Judge from the sound of her voice.

    一名年長的婦人就坐在門口, 而我是從聲音判斷他上了年紀

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    “What is your name?” the woman asked the orderly who had been wheeling me.


    “What is your name?” the orderly repeated to me.


    “Harold Krents, “ I replied.


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    “Harold Krents, “he repeated


    “When was he born?”


    “November 5, 1994, “ I responded.


    “November 5, 1994, “the orderly said.


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    This procedure continued for approximately five minutes, at which point even my saint-like disposition deserted me.

    這樣的步驟繼續大約五分鐘之久, 最後我都按耐不住自己原來的好脾氣了


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    "Look, “ I finally blurted out, “ this is absolutely ridiculous. Okay, granted I can’t see, it’s got to have become pretty clear to both of you that I don’t need an interpreter.

    "喂”我終於忍不住脫口說出:”這簡直太離譜了吧。好吧, 就算我看不見, 你門兩個也相當清楚我不需要翻譯吧。"

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    The toughest misconception of all is the view that because I can’t see, I can’t work.

    在所有的誤解當中, 最難消除的是有人認為因為我看不見, 所以我也無法工作.

    2006-12-19 17:34:03 補充:

    I was turned down by over forty law firms because of my blindness, even though my qualifications included an above average degree firm Harvard College and a good ranking in my Harvard Law School class.

    儘管我有不錯的哈佛學院學位, 以及在哈佛法學院名列前矛的資格, 但是超過40家的法律事務所卻以我失明為由, 拒絕錄用我.

    2006-12-19 17:38:42 補充:

    The attempt to find employment, the continuous frustration of being told that it was impossible for blind person to practice law, and the rejection letters, not based on my lack of ability but rather on my disability, will always remain one of the most disillusioning experiences of my life..

    2006-12-19 17:41:59 補充:

    嚐試求職. ㄧ直被告知盲人是不可能當律師的挫折, 和一封封不是因為我缺乏能力, 而是因為我的殘缺的拒絕信, 都將是我人生最令人失望的經驗之ㄧ.

    Fortunately, this view of limitation and exclusion is being to change.

    幸運地, 這種設限和排斥的觀念開始有了轉變.

    2006-12-19 17:51:44 補充:

    On April 16, the Department of Labor issued regulations that authorize equal-employment opportunities for the handicapped.

    四月16日, 勞工部發布法令, 要求給予殘障人士平等就業的機會.

    By and large, the business community’s response to offering employment to the disabled has been enthusiastic.

    大體上, 企業界對提供工作給殘障人士都熱烈響應.

    2006-12-19 17:51:59 補充:

    I therefore look forward to the day, with the expectation that it is certain to come. (when employers will view their handicapped workers as a little child viewed me years ago when my family still lived in Scarsdale).

    因此, 我滿心期望未來會有這麼一天, 到時候雇主看待她們殘障員工的方式能向多年前我家還在史卡戴爾時, ㄧ個小孩子看待我的方式一樣.

    2006-12-19 17:52:09 補充:

    I was playing basketball with my father in our backyard according to procedures we had developed.


    My father would stand beneath the hoop, shout, and I would shoot over his head at the basket attached to our garage.

    爸爸站在籃框下叫喊著, 而我就對著他的頭上方那附在車庫上的籃架投球.

    2006-12-19 17:52:26 補充:

    Our next-door neighbor, aged five, wandered over into our yard with a playmate.

    我們的隔壁鄰居, ㄧ個五歲小孩, 正好和同伴閒晃到我家的院子

    “He’s blind, “ our neighbor whispered to her friend in a voice that could be heard distinctly by Dad and me.

    “他是瞎子”我們的鄰居輕聲的告訴他的朋友, 而這個音量讓爸爸和我都聽的很清楚.

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