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    Pyramid's marvelous strength? Craves when finishes to the supernatural

    science French Antony. uncle visits ancient husband king pyramid "king

    the tomb chamber", carelessly in regards as the trashcan in the jar to

    discover becomes lost cat and mouse corpse, although in tomb chamber

    extremely moist, but corpse actually not rotten, on has been

    dissimilar with the mummy ? Then suspected the tomb chamber has

    causes the material dehydration function.

    The uncle finishes thought this with ancient husband king pyramid's

    geometry graph related, after returned to homeland has made a base 0.9

    meters model according to the ancient husband king pyramid's design

    with the cardboard, and its four positions coordination four cardinal

    points direction, the cat corpse which just died puts in the tomb

    chamber is same, is apart from the base three minute one highly place.

    After the result severalth, the cat corpse unexpectedly turned into

    the mummy. In addition, he uses the sliced meat and the egg and so on

    performs to test, finally in confirmed no matter puts in any to enter,

    all cannot corrupt. Therefore he published concerned the pyramid

    supernatural power the research.

    The hereafter, Czechoslovakia's radioman card thunder. Germany Lei Pa

    discovered pyramid has uses old blows the Hu Te bit palingenesis,

    every day he blows in the use Hu Tehou, puts in pyramid, blows Hu

    Teching to be possible above durable 200. This news spreads over the

    entire world, more people unceasingly repeatedly test, finally all

    approves pyramid truly to have can let the liquor or the fruit juice

    mellow is delicious, also preserved vegetables, fruit fresh effect.

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    The marvellous strength of the pyramid?

    Fall overboard for Frenchman, Anne, of supernatural science the east Ni.when the Bo visit the ancient man king's pyramid"king's the last home room" fully, paid no attention to find the stray cat and the rat thing corpse in is the jar of the garbage box, though the last home is indoor very damp, but the corpse don't be putrefied, don't was similar and dried with mummy deeply?Then doubts the last home room has material of make to dehydrate function.

    The Bo thinks this to have something to do with the geometry sketch of the ancient man king's pyramid fully, return to country behind press the ancient man king's pyramid of the design did a models with 0.9 meters base with the carton, and will it everywhere match with southeast northwest of direction, put a lately- died cat corpse in the last home room homology, be apart from bottom three divide into a height of.The result counts in the days to come, the cat corpse changed mummy unexpectedly.Immediately after, he takes in to test with the fillet and egg etc.s again, confirming as a result in spite of put go into what go into inside, all not putrefied.So he announced the research concerning pyramid divine power.

    Afterward, Czech wireless technical expert the card thunder.virtuous thunder Ba finds

    the pyramid has a reborn function of razor blade of using the old razor, he puts into the pyramid after using razor everyday, the razor is enduring unexpectedly 200 times above.This news spreads the whole world, more persons test continuously and repeatedly, ends' all approving pyramid to really have can make the wine or juice delicious, and keep a fresh degree of vegetable, fruit of result.

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