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請幫我把英文翻成中文 ..

請各位幫我把英文翻成中文 拜託你們了

Appointed bodies, such as chambers of commerce, have a direct influence on the day-to-day business operations within their purview. So do economic development agencies funded by local elected officials. Their members often serve on the boards of local businesses and professional groups.

Banks and other financial groups are instrumental in shaping the private sector, most obviously by granting or withholding funds. They additionally word with elected officials and professional organizations to prevent bankruptcies or to facilitate land acquisition for expansion.

Training and research organizations also enter the picture. By cultivating the skills required to meet future business needs, both private and public educational help determine the profile of the workforce.

The role of the media in crafting public opinion cannot be overstated. Activists and corporations alike regularly mount public-relations campaigns to promote official and private policy affecting business.

Laws also regulate the private sector. Legislated in 1901, Loi 1901, for example, still determines eligibility for-not-profit status.

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Smiling is always a good way to break the ice in France, but be extra careful not to overdo it. You may come across as being silly or less than bright.

READ, SEE, and HEAR more about France. Doing business in France relies a lot on knowing the correct rules of etiquette and ways of behaveing.

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    商業的會議所等指定的車身在那些的範圍中在當天當天的營業活動裡(上)持(有)著直接的影響。 根據本地被選出了的職員被供給了資金的經濟開發代理店也那樣做。 他們的成員屢次成為本地企業和專業的小組的委員會的委員。

    銀行和其他的財團明顯,根據是不是給予,或基金控制的事最形成民間部門的時候變成為手段。 他們,為了是不是抵禦,或破產容易為了擴大的陸地的獲得由於被選出的事更加,表達職員和專家團體。

    同時,練習和研究組織進入畫兒。 根據滿足將來的商務需求培養必要的技能的事,個人的東西和同樣公共教育的幫助決定工作人員的小傳。

    不能說得過分在做(製作)世論的事的媒體的作用。 開始做積極分子和公司都助成定期性地正式的,並且,私人設立的方針感激性的商務的宣傳活動。

    同時,法限制民間部門。 1901年被制定,譬如,roi1901決定著不還是利益的適合狀態。


    總是微笑是在法國提出話的好的方法,不過,象不做過多那個一樣地請成為慎重的臨時演員。 能看到你與其說明亮不如說愚蠢,以下。

    更加法國周圍的READ,SEE,和HEAR。 做法國的商務的話,知道禮貌正確的規則,behaveing做的方法大大地被目的要。

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