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呂可愛 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 1 0 年前


The Japanese graner admiration on account of their delicate aesthetics

and requtation as workaholics. Where they fall short is in their touristminded obassion with photography and their herd instinct. If in the past the

French mocked the Japanese fot being overly committed to work, this

changing as the French office is becoming more concerned with effciency

. The French tend to see other Asians as an undifferentiated, if simpatico,

mass that shares strong family ties, dillgence, and courtesy. Where

incompatibilities come in are in the masked emotions and duplicities

attirbute to Asainf people.

Being good Cartesians, the French have a requtation for individualism.

While this explains why there are so many excellent chefs, it doesn't

always commend them as team players. This is not to say that

cooperation and flexicility have no place in the French office. They may

voice their dissent, but they'll also pull together for a common project.

Employess put great stock in their relationships and vaule

well-rounded personalities. France is not the place to be career-obsessed.

The atmosphere is seldom cutthroat based on indivdual performance.

It's relatively rare for an employee to be fired, even if he or she makes

a mistake.

Paradoxically, for a nation of individualists, the French are highy

conscious of social status. Educational achievement, togerther with

family background and affluence, have traditionally determined status

in French. In turn, schools an individual attended and the resulting

network of personal relationships he or she cultivted strictly dictate carrer

opportunities. These out of four senior executives of French's top 200

firms hail fro, upperbracket familes.

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  • 1 0 年前

    日本graner 傾慕由於他們的精美美學和requtation 作為工作狂。那裡他們未達到是在他們touristminded obassion 以攝影和他們的牧群天性。如果從前法國人嘲笑了日本人過度fot 做對工作,

    這改變如同法國辦公室成為與effciency 更有關。法國人傾向於看其它亞洲人作為undifferentiated, 如果simpatico, 分享強的家庭關係、dillgence, 和禮貌的大量。那裡不協調性進來是在被掩沒的情感和奸詐attirbute 對Asainf 人。是好Cartesians, 法國人有一requtation 為個人主義。當這解釋為什麼有許多優秀廚師, 它總不稱讚他們當隊員。這不將說, 合作和flexicility 沒有地方在法國辦公室。他們也許講他們的持異議, 但他們並且將合作為一個共同的項目。Employess 被投入的偉大的股票在他們的關係和vaule 圓滿完成的個性。法國不是地方事業佔據心思。大氣很少是殺手根據indivdual 表現。它是相對地罕見使雇員被射擊, 既使他或她犯一個錯誤。似是而非地, 為個人主義者的國家, 法國人對社會狀態是highy 神志清楚的。教育成就、togerther 以家庭背景和豐富, 傳統上確定了狀態用法語。反過來, 學校私人關係一個單獨出席的和收效的網路他或她嚴密地cultivted 命令carrer 機會。這些喪失法國人的名列前茅200 企業四個高級主管稱讚fro, upperbracket familes 。

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