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什麼是OAC班?-- 安大略Ridley College

什麼是OAC班?-- 安大略Ridley College






那 PG是什麼意思?

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    Ontario Academic Credit

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    The Ontario Academic Credit (OAC) was part of the curriculum(s) codified by the Ontario Ministry of Education in Ontario Schools: Intermediate and Senior (OS:IS, oh-sis) and its revisions. In common parlance, the term is used to describe the fifth high school year (originally known as Grade 13) that used to exist in the province of Ontario, Canada. It can also refer to the courses offered at the OAC level, or the high school credits that are associated with these courses. Finally, it can refer, rather vaguely, to students who were in their OAC year (OACs). Ontario Academic Credits and its related curriculum have been phased out and were last offered for the 2002-2003 school year.

    [edit] Ontario Academic Credit year

    Prior to the introduction of OAC for the 1984-1985 school year, Ontario had 13 grades. There were two high school diplomas in Ontario, the Secondary School Graduation Diploma (SSGD) which was awarded after Grade 12 and the Secondary School Honours Graduation Diploma (SSHGD) awarded after Grade 13. The "Grade 13 diploma" was recognised in some jurisdictions as being the equivalent of first-year university and having it would enable some students to apply directly for entry into second-year at universities outside of Ontario. This practice ended with the replacement of the SSHGD with the OSSD of OS:IS.

    OS:IS more formally allowed for the completion of schooling after only 12 grades, where previously, this had been an exceptional circumstance. Under OS:IS, OAC year was the final year of high school in Ontario. Students were not required to complete that year in order to receive the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD); many students graduated after Grade 12. However, Ontario universities required OAC.

    As you ask about PG, it is a little bit like OAC, and IB courses.

    It can help you to learn some college courses.

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