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Is honored very much receives your incoming letter, after looked your question, I had thought several methods help in solve your problem.

Because all kinds of coffee brand rises, causes own coffee to change no longer is own coffee, in view of such circumstance, first is the set price aspect, after considered all costs, adjusts about as far as possible the market average price, for the populace one new view, who said the delicacy the coffee is certainly the expensive price, then causes the coffee brand person rise using the advertisement marketing strategy, the achievement growth percentage which the observation meets down, I thought this method should have the help to you.


Very honoured to hear from you, after finishing seeing your question,

I think several method help on your problem of solving.

Because the coffee brand of all kinds emerged, it was not the exclusive coffee again that made one's own coffee change.

To such a situation, it is a respect of the fixed price at first, after considering all cost, adjust to the market as much as possible.

The average price is from head to foot, leave a kind of new view on the masses,

Who says that the delicious coffee must be the expensive price.

Then utilize the advertising marketing tactics, make coffee brand manners of people rise percentage that observe the following achievement and grow up I think this method should be helpful to you.



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    由於網站和您同學翻的內容和原意均有差異, 且文法錯誤連連, 所以藉由下列的內容來供您參考, 希望對您有幫助!

    It's honoured to receive your letter. After reviewing your questions, I think the folling methods may solve your problems.

    Because the introduction of different coffee brands, your coffee is

    longer an exclusive coffee. Based on the situation, the first thing you should consider is your pricing. Your should make your price competible with the market price so as to send a message to the public that great coffee might not be expensive. Then you should use the marketing strategy to increase the popularity of your coffee and observe the changes of your

    sales. I think this strategy shoul help boost your coffee sale.

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