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共兩封,第一封是詢價,第二封是報價,可以幫我翻譯嗎?謝謝幫忙!! 感激不盡!!













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    詢價信(Inquiry letter)

    We are the DIY furniture dealer which Taiwan biggest also most receives welcome, we at present are seeking some are novel also the quality good DIY furniture, we saw in the network in your advertisement the DIY furniture, we felt extremely has the interest, and anticipated may as fast as possible and you establishes business relations

    The end of the year nearly, our customer will be able to be extremely big regarding the DIY furniture demand quantity, therefore we will plan in the next month purchase one batch of DIY furniture

    If you convenient, asks you to provide us you to be complete also the newest sample table of contents, the basic order quantity, the price, and most quickly may produce goods the time, if we massively purchase whether may give the discount

    First thank you the reply in this and we extremely to anticipate receives your reply!


    報價信(Quoted price letter)

    I already received you yesterday the incoming letter, and thank you to want to establish business relations with us, because our DIY furniture was quite beautiful, because we quite receives the supplier in US which the dealer favoured, so far we have received the quite many inquiries letter

    As for the stock aspect, asks you Don't worry, we have the foot stock to supply your order form, also the commercial quality is quite good

    Our DIY furniture basic order quantity is 100pcs, the furniture design may no matter what you match, our furniture price all is very reasonable, if you in front of 11 bottoms under the order form, after we will receive the order form to be allowed to produce goods immediately for you, if you large quantities of will purchase us to be able to give you 5% discount, you will be able to discover such discount quite attracts the person, also will have the detailed price in this for your enclosed we newest catalogue

    The hope may receive your order form as soon as possible

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