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共兩封,第一封是詢價,第二封是報價,(礙於版面限制所以分二次發問),是用翻譯軟體翻的文法應該有很多錯誤,請幫我修改文法或者是有沒有文意不適合需要修改的,謝謝幫忙!! 感激不盡!!



We are the biggest and the most popular DIY of Tawian furnitures distributor . We are looking for currently some unusual and quality good DIY furniture, we see in the network you advertise up of Diy furniture, our feeling have interest very much, and expecting can build up the business relation with you as soon as possible.

Year end nearly, the demand of our customer to the DIY furniture will be very big, so we plan in next month to buy a batch of DIYs furniture.

If you are convenient, please provide us with your well-found and latest sample catalogue, basic order, price, and can take delivery of goods time most fast, if we whether a great deal of purchase can give or not discount.

Thank your letter in reply first here, and we expect to receive your letter in reply very much!

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    We are the biggest and the most popular Taiwan Do-It-Yourself(DIY) furnitures distrubutor.We are currently looking for some unusual and good quality DIY furniture.We are interested to work with you after seeing your advertisement on the network. It would be glad to build up business relation with you.

    Reaches the end of the year, the demand of DIY furniture increases and we plan to purchase a batch of DIY furnitures.

    Could you please provide us a sample of the latest catalogue you had with basic order,price list and the fastest time you could deliver the goods.If we purchase a great deal from you, is there any discount available?

    Thanks in advance for you reply.I look forward to hearing from you.Thank you very much.

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