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我想請大家幫我翻譯范瑋琪的『I Think I 』的歌詞,把中文翻譯成英文,可以的話以中英對照的方式回答



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    一天過一天 從不確定變成了答案

    In one days in one day Never confirm and turn into an answer

    就像這樣 停留在只有你去的方向

    Just such picture Stay in the direction only that you go

    我越在意越難衡量 就越放不下 越不去想就越是他

    The more difficult to weigh to take notice of I am Can't put down The less miss him

    * I Think I Love You 愛就是這樣

    It is like this that I Think I Love You loves

    Cause I Miss You 喜歡你善良

    Cause I Miss You likes you for being kindhearted

    陪你去逛逛 會偶爾吵架 吵累了說貼心的話

    Stroll with you Will quarrel once in a while Quarrel and say the close words hard

    I’m Falling For You 愛就是這樣

    It is like this that I' m Falling For You loves

    Now I Need You 想等你放假

    Now I Need You wants to wait for you to have a holiday

    要一起分享 oh~ 今晚的星光 當你說守護幸福 不打烊

    Share oh together and want the star light of tonight as you said that defended the happiness that did not close

    我們越看就越像 不說也能了解對方

    We see and cross pictures Do not say that can understand the other side too

    畫同一張圖畫 想同一個夢想 幸福是一座大燈塔

    The same picture draw Think of the same dream The happiness is a large beacon

    少了你世界就找不了 你一定會再給我力量

    Can't look for after lacking your world You are sure to give me strength again

    其實愛我並不複雜 真心的對話 就能夠往幸福出發

    In fact love me for being uncomplicated Wholehearted dialogue Can happy to set out

    愛時常讓兩個人受傷 愛也總讓兩個人更堅強

    The love is often injured by two people The love always makes two people stronger

    我們不會知道 以後的日子會有多長

    We will not know How will be long the day for the future

    在我的世界 都會有你守護肩膀

    In my world You will defend the shoulder

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