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    I major in in the department of the law in the university, so my target is to be a public prosecutor, my character likes logic to reason logically and makes very much pure each a thing, so the work content of the public prosecutor makes me look forward to badly now, maintenance judicatory of justice also pursue factual back true facts return in the party concerned of innocent can let the justice expand, be filled with incitement a heel an adventure and again have results to show for the feeling, this also is why I will look forward to so of reason.


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    Because I major in the department of the law in the university, my goal is to work as a public procurator, because like reasoning from logic and clarify every thing very much in my individual character, so working content of public procurator make me yearn for very much, justice to maintain administration of justice and pursue truth clean to let justice can uphold on party also behind fact, thrilling with taking risks and having fulfillments, this is the reason why I will yearn for.

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