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Lessons Learned

The Spanish Bay Resort is a good example of how projects that depend on an inordinately lengthy entitlement process and generate considerable controversy can succeed only if the developer has the wherewithal to stay the course. In the case of the Pebble Beach Company, the developer also had the depth to hire the expertise needed to arrive at creative solutions to environmental problems while designing a functional and feasible project. At the same time, however, developing in markets in which entitlements are difficult to obtain and controversy is the norm can result in impressive returns simply because the regulatory environment keeps competition to a minimum.

The company took its environmental responsibilities seriously. It engaged experts to craft solutions to restoration and reclamation issues in ways that resulted in a first-class resort community. It sited structures and golf links in ways that permit successful operating results despite ongoing opposition. Even today, the company continues its community dialogue regarding its environmental responsibilities with the publication of an annual environmental report. Each year&rsquo;s report catalogs the ongoing work that is necessary to provide the solutions that the company promised at the outset.

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    只有當如果開發者有能力堅持到最後,西班牙海灣渡假勝地是一個仰賴一個過度冗長的政府補助的計畫如何處理並且產生相當多的論爭能成功的好例子。 在小圓石海灘公司的情況,當設計一個功能的而且能實行的計畫時候,開發者也有了深度雇請被需要達成對環境的問題有創造力的解決辦法的專長。同時,然而,在哪些政府補助難以在市場中發展獲得和論爭是基準能造成令人印象深刻的回返只是因為管制的環境保存對一個最小量的競爭。

    公司嚴重地負起了它的環境責任。 它對造成了一個最好的渡假勝地社區的方法的手工藝的解決辦法恢復和矯正議題約定了專家。 儘管進行中的反對,它在允許的方法中使結構和高爾夫球場位於了成功的操作結果。甚至今天,公司用年度環境的報告的出版繼續關於它的環境責任的它的社區對話。 每年&rsquo; 報告目錄必需提供公司在著手答應的解決方案的進行中的工作。

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