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[關鍵詞]台灣生態文學 大陸生態文學 自然寫作 生態報告文學 卡遜 公害小說


生態文學 Ecoliterature 或 Ecological Literature

自然寫作 NatureWriting

文學的生態 literary ecology

生態學 ecology

生態批評 Ecocriticism

卡遜 Reachel Carson

非人本主義 un-humanism

辯護者 compurgator

寂靜的春天 Silent Spring

成長的極限 The Limits to Growth

羅馬俱樂部 The Club of Rome

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    題目:The comparison of the cross-straits ecosystem literature studies

    In 1962, the American marine biology house lady with lousy card of 《silent spring 》, aroused the mankind's crisis consciousness to the environment for the first time.In 1968, the first research paper of"club in Rome" 《the extreme limit of the growth 》, all produced profound influence to the cross-straitses.At the 1980's, the environment problem starts becoming the topic of the society worry anxiously, the cross-straits writer wrote down relevant ecosystem to raise to prevent and cure two literature works of environmental protection routes and harmful effects respectively.The sociology house the Huang with new Xiao has ever pointed out five characteristics that the Taiwanese natural ecosystem writes.One is the ingredient that makes an appeal to in"feeling" is usually bigger than to make an appeal to in"reason" of ingredient.Two is the level of[with] the writers concern is very extensively concrete.Three are the personality that the writers be criticizing natural ecosystem to break affairs to present "apologist", direct and realistic.Four is to the concern of the environmental ecology, the female is more realistic than male's.Five is a Taiwanese female writer to have very deep emotional stirrings to the natural ecosystem, have a strong reflection towards raising the necessity that it makes also.In comparison, we to the background, development and process of ecosystem literature in mainland birth, know to not mention to comparison research very few and more.The angle that this plan trial animadversion and literary history from the sociology, ecology, ecosystem, thorough investigation the ecosystem literature at cross-straits of development appearance, and carry on respectively for the ecosystem prose, novel, each text of poem concrete of comparison research with bring into relief the environmental protection problem that the cross-straits focuses.

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