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1. 你可以在台灣成立分公司處理出貨事務嗎?

2. 設立地點可在工業區找比較大的場所

3. 付款的條件,下訂單先付一半,出貨時再付另一半餘額,匯入希望帳戶

4. 產品標準值符合ROHS的規定

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    1 Can you set up a branch in Taiwan to process shipping ?

    2 You can find a larger location in an industrial park.

    3 payment terms; payment of 50% when placing orders and remaining balance at shipping. Payments should be remitted to designated account.

    4 Product specification should meet ROHS requirements.

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    1. could u build up the branch office in taiwan due for handling the

    shipping process?

    2. the allocation could be at the industrial area which it can be found

    more big circumstance.

    3. the payment terms is that pay half amount during placing order; and

    pay the balance after shipment. m/w, the payment should be T/T to

    the requested account.

    4. the quality standard of product should be met the bible of ROHS.

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    1. you may process in the Taiwan establishment subsidiary company

    produce goods business?

    2. sets up the place to be possible to look for the quite big place

    3. payments in the industrial district the conditions, gets down the order form prepayment one half, produces goods when again pays another half remaining sum, collects into the hope account

    4. products standard values to conform to the ROHS stipulation

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