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請各位大大幫我翻譯@@因為我有的地方翻出來的意思很怪或不順..文章如下↓ 謝謝你們喔!!

1. Rectum, low anterior resection --- Adenocarcinoma, moderately differentiated With invasion to mesorectum.

2. Both cutting ends, left hemi-colectomy --- Free of tumor invasion. Dr.eye:

3. Regional lymph nodes, dissection --- Free of tumor metastasis (0/10).

The specimen submitted consisted of a segment of colon, measuring 9 cm in length and 5 cm in circumference, fixed in formalin.

Grossly, the specimen was surrounded by smooth serosa, except dimpling of the serosa over tumor base. A fungating mass measuring 3 2.5 cm in dimension and up to 1.2 cm in invasion depth, located 1 cm from the distal cutting end. All lymph nodes in the mesorectum were dissected carefully. Representative sections were iframeded.

Microscopically, the sections show picture as following:

1. Colon: Moderately differentiated adenocarcinoma of rectum, with the cancer cells showing increased N/C ratio, nuclear hyperchromasia, glandular or cribriform formation, and invasion from mucosa to deep muscular layer and adjacent subserosal desmoplastic stroma. Focally mild extracellular mucin production is also noted. No definite evidence of lymphatic duct or vasscular invasion by the cancer cell.

2. Both cutting ends: Free of tumor invasion.

3. Regional lymph nodes: Free of tumor metastasis, reactive follicular hyperplasia of the small lymph nodes (0-10).

l.Gross classifications:

Fungating type:_V__

ll.Histologic classifications:

A.WHO classification:


Tubular type:_V__

B.Ming's classification:

Expanding type:_V__

lll.Depth of tumor invasion:

T3(pericolic fat):_V__

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    1. 直腸, 低先前切除術--- 腺癌, 適度地被區分以入侵對 。2. 兩個切口末端, 留給免於腫瘤入侵。 3.地方淋巴結, 解剖--- 免於腫瘤轉移。標本遞交包括了測量9 cm 在長度和5 cm 在圓周, 被固定在甲醛水裡。 標本由光滑的圍攏了, 除了起波紋在腫瘤基地。 大量測量3 2.5 cm 在維度和1.2 cm 入侵深度, 被找出從末端切口末端。所有淋巴結在仔細地被解剖了。代表性部分是 。 微小地, 部分顯示圖片像隨後而來: 1. 直腸適度地被區分的腺癌, 用癌細胞顯示增加的 比率、核、腺或形成,和入侵從對深刻的肌肉層數和毗鄰 。焦點溫和的細胞外 生產並且被注意。沒有淋巴輸送管或入侵的確定證據由癌細胞。2. 兩個切口末端: 免於腫瘤入侵。3. 地方淋巴結: 免於腫瘤轉移, 小淋巴結反應的囊泡增生。分類: 分類:分類: 腺癌: 筒形分類: 擴展 腫瘤入侵:

    他是一個專業的病例報告 我也只會這麼多~~><希望對你有幫助

    參考資料: 我的內涵
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