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包子的美味嚐鮮過的都知道箇中滋味,咬下那熱騰騰的包子瞬間在嘴巴噴出湯汁喔! 古早味的包子內餡正是魅力所在,從選用有GMP保證的上選豬瘦肉切丁、香菇、特別一提的是竹筍切丁還以嘉雲南地區盛產新鮮竹筍為主,配上高級醬油,全都馬虎不得,他們的滷味也很正點喔.

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    Minhsiung meat dumplings

    The delicacy of the steamed stuffed bun tastes fresh lead of all know taste in Ge, bite off that steaming hot steamed stuffed bun moment in the mouth jet soup juice! Ancient time farcing inside the steamed stuffed bun of the flavor is exactly the charm place early, from choose to cube with the select pig lean meat of having the GMP assurance, black mushrooms, special one what to lift is a bamboo shoot to cubed return with the region of Jia Yunnan abound in fresh bamboo shoot is lord, go together with up the deluxe sauce, all careless can not, their braised food also orders very just.