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    The brief introduction of company became strength on October 04 , 1985, import agent German Henkel's glue products marketing in every large domestic stationer's mainly at present in 101 buildings of Taibei, and is devoted to selling the multimedia broadcaster in other areas in the stationery chain thorough fare , personal relevant electronic products , such as disc ,etc. to look for and research and develop the office supplies of other stationeries actively now to the American-European all parts, in order to adapt to each different age level necessary I on sale throughout department , Tom I products research and development department, manage the idea beautifully and beautifully and look for the new products, new information constantly hard, communicate and transmit the speciality diligently, the persistent credible information offering, strengthen the relation of interacting with customer, introduce the best products to the customer, develop long-term good cooperation products procedure with the customer in order to find out the new.

    2006-12-29 19:21:17 補充:

    products , new business opportunity at first, we have done a lot of markets survey, counted by the survey materials of the market, we find that consumer's demand for the existing stationery office supplies innovate and convenient , .

    2006-12-29 19:21:30 補充:

    ater we designed a lot of office supplies models, selected the most outstanding model from it, we make some new models in the next one, then we are in this office supplies of workshop assembly , then every office supplies.

    2006-12-29 19:21:43 補充:

    l control testing through quality , we send the office supplies to give to the shop in the next step, it is a special pen that consumers go to buy this office supplies of product introduction of this office supplies finally, this pen writes the function .

    2006-12-29 19:21:55 補充:

    basically, we have added the spices to make him can send out fragrance while writing inside, return device GPS to let you , no matter in where it will be people , can find of you in the electronic map if carry this pen, let you helped in .

    2006-12-29 19:22:06 補充:

    the disaster, we have used the special pen stamen , let it have a function written forever, needn't change the pen stamen again and can be used for ever , except the mosquito , there are lighting functions in its fragrance, we .

    2006-12-29 19:22:21 補充:

    have investigated the scientific and technological products in the whole world, this pen of ours is unique , so we believe that it can bring the limitless business opportunity to us , we plan to sell for 100 dollars .

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