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GREEN DAY 介紹 翻譯 (中翻英)

GREEN DAY於1989年成軍於加洲的EAST BAY,團員有主唱兼吉他手的Billie Joe Armstrong、貝斯手Mike Drint,以及幾經波折才定案的鼓手Tre Cool。這三位頂廿著五顏六色的頭髮,佈滿一身刺青的小伙子,早先在龐克獨立廠牌Lookout發行兩張專輯,以爽快帶勁的旋律,無釐頭搞笑的音樂特質,以地下樂團之姿擁有不少歌迷, 不久便吸引到主流公司Reprise賞識,在製作人Rob Cavallo的合作下,於'94推出「Dookie」首張專輯,其成功暢銷的程度,讓他們在搖滾及流行樂壇中掀起一陣強大的音樂革命,也成為新世代年輕人的最佳代言人!接著於'95年推出「Insomniac」則承現比較灰澀的一面。隨後97年的「Nimrod」及2000年「Warning」,當中於'96與'97年還推出了現場演唱特輯「Bowling Bowling Parking Parking」和「Foot In Mouth」,後者還是日本特別企劃推出的現場實況錄音精選特輯!由此也可探出他們於海外市場的超魅力表現!


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    GREEN DAY introduction Translation (China turns over Great Britain)

    GREEN DAY established an army in EAST BAY with continent in 1989, the member had Billie Joe Armstrong , Bei Si hand Mike Drint of leading singer and concurrently guitarist, and drummer Tre Cool that the hiccup made a verdict several times. The varicoloured hair of this three twenty, is covered with guys tattooing all over, factory brand Lookout issued two special editions in Pang Ke was independent previously, with the frank and energetic melody, the music speciality that the reasonless humour makes laughs, have many song fans with the appearance of underground orchestra, attract major company Reprise and appreciate soon, with the producer Rob Cavallo's cooperation, on ' 94 is put out ' Dookie' first special edition, its successful salable degree, let them raise the strong music revolution for a moment in the rock and popular music circles, become new generation young people's best spokesman too! Then on ' put out 1995 ', Insomniac' bear gray astringent side now. ' Nimrod ' and ' Warning ' in 2000 of 1997 afterwards, it is in the middle on ' 96 with ' 1997 put out live it sing also by special issue ' Bowling Bowling Parking Parking ' and ' Foot In Mouth ', the latter's choice special issue of on-the-spot recording live that Japan's special enterprise planning puts out ! Therefore can lean out their ultra glamour to the overseas market and behave !

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