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*急* 英文作文- classification拜託幫幫我.

麻煩幫我寫一篇作文,題目是:Types of television programs









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to inch~那電視節目的類型該怎麼寫?你的意思是不應該這樣分嗎?...謝謝唷^^

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  • inch
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    There are many ways to classify TV programs such as depending on genres, languages, and channels. In Taiwan, however, we divide TV programs in a different way, TV rating system. That is we classify them according to the content that if it is suitable to certain audiences. There are four ranks in this classification as follows.

    First of all, it is “Restricted” (R) that limits all the audiences under 18 years old. Every program with obvious detail of violence and pornography are included in Restricted Level. For example, drama with bald plots of killing, murdering, taking drugs, and sex are simply classified as “programs which are not suitable to children and teenager”. Therefore, if a program is labeled as Restricted, only adults who are above 18 are allowed to watch them.

    Second, it is “Parental Guidance” (PG). That is, the TV programs which have some elements of violence, sex, and weirdness, or the ones which are desecrate and obscene, could influence children in a negative way, and then they belong to PG level. Children under 12 years are not allowed to watch the programs which are classified as Parental Guidance. Besides, teenagers between 12 and 18 years are asked to watch as long as they are accompanied by parents.

    After “Parental Guidance” is “Parental Guidance 13” (PG-13). PG-13 programs include some material which is not serious as above but may be inappropriate for children under 12 years. Such as controversial topics, immoral purposes are considered to distort children’s values. In consequence, children under 6 are not allowed to watch those programs, and parents should attend while children who is above 6 but under 12 watching.

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    Last is the “General” level (G). As it name, programs which belong to General are permitted for all audiences. These programs do not have those problems and contents above and are proper for all. In a result, everyone can watch the General programs without restriction.

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    To sum up, though it seems that we have a complete system for rating TV programs, there are blurred barriers between each level.

    參考看看 希望對你有幫助

    2007-01-01 01:43:47 補充:

    每次只能補充300個字, 好像無法在這邊發表了,

    電視節目的類型, 我的話應該會這樣分

    新聞節目, 綜藝節目, 戲劇節目, 教學節目...之類的


    不過因為題目也沒有規定要怎麼分~ 只是說給你參考看看

    希望對你有幫助喔!! 新年快樂happy new year

    參考資料: Types of television programs 不是應該是在講電視節目的類型嗎?, 本人, 是我
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