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英文俚語 - Brain and boom ?

請問一下是不是再英文當中如果要說一個人力量&智慧兼具的話,是不是可以說 He got brain and boom 呢? (我從電影聽來的) 還有這樣用文法對不對(因為這邊皆為抽象名詞所以前面不加the)

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    he got the brains and brawns

    be all brawn and no brains:

    to be physically strong but not very intelligent. I agree he's got a good body, but he's all brawn and no brains.

    See also: all

    be out of your brain (British, very informal):

    to be very drunk. By the time I arrived at the party he was out of his brain.

    be the brains behind something:

    to be the person who plans and organizes something, especially something successful. He was the brains behind many of the best movies ever made.

    See also: behind

    beat your brains out:

    to spend a lot of time worrying about a problem and thinking about how to deal with it. I've been beating my brains out trying to think of a way of getting the money to her in time. (often + doing something)

    See also: beat

    a bird-brain (informal):

    a stupid person. He's just a bird-brain - he can't get anything right.

    a brain box (British & Australian, informal):

    a very intelligent person. Come on brain box, what's the answer?

    See also: box

    a brain drain:

    the movement of people with education and skills from their own country to another country where they are paid more for their work. There is a brain drain of British mathematicians to the United States.

    See also: drain

    a brain trust (American & Australian):

    a group of people with special knowledge or skills who give advice to someone in a position of authority. He joined the President's brain trust for the election campaign.

    See also: trust

    get your brain in gear (informal):

    to make yourself start thinking clearly and effectively. I've got to get my brain in gear for the meeting this afternoon.

    rack your brain/brains:

    to think very hard, usually in order to remember something or to find a solution to a problem. I've been racking my brains but I still can't remember who wrote that play.

    See also: rack

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    he got the brains and brawn

    brawn* cannot count without "s"

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