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    *Meg Murry is a self conscious high school student in the first two books about the Murry family. She wears glasses, has dental braces and "mouse-brown" hair, and considers herself "repulsive-looking" and "dumb", although she is quite good at math. As a misfit with an odd baby brother and a missing father, she is defensive in her dealings with people outside her family, and unpopular with her peers and teachers.

    In A Wrinkle in Time, Meg longs for her father, who has mysteriously disappeared. She becomes friends with fellow student Calvin O'Keefe, who joins Meg and Charles Wallace in traveling by tesseract to other planets and provides Meg much-needed emotional support. Together they rescue Dr. Murry on the planet Camazotz. Meg ultimately rescues Charles Wallace from Camazotz as well, not out of her own intelligence or strength but simply by loving him.

    *Charles Wallace is noted as being extremely intelligent, and a telepath as well. He is usually the first to discover certain elements important to the books.

    Charles Wallace did not learn to talk until he was almost four, but then talked in full sentences, skipping over the "baby preliminaries" as Meg said. Because of his brilliance and his shyness, he is bullied by fellow children and misunderstood by adults outside his family. He recognizes that this is a problem he must solve himself; that like any new lifeform, he must learn to adapt successfuly to his environment in order to survive.

    Charles has blue eyes, and is repeatedly said to be small for his age. At fifteen, he looks "no more than twelve." This is offset somewhat by a mature and serious demeanor.

    He prefers to be called Charles Wallace rather than Charlie or Chuck, as noted in Wind and Planet, but Meg frequently calls him simply Charles. In Planet, he allows Mrs. O'Keefe to call him Chuck, correctly guessing that she is identifying him with someone from her personal past (her brother, as it turns out).

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