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請幫我翻譯以下內容成英文 拜託了

70年代電吉他效果器巨大的音量、強烈的鼓擊當時的人覺得這種前所未有的樂風,感到相當吵雜稱之為"Heavy Metal",到了80年代,重金屬樂團有如雨後春筍般冒出來,加上New Wave Of British Heavy Metal(英倫重金屬新浪潮)的推波助瀾,讓Heave Metal在80年代於英美盛極一時,也為90年代後金屬樂風在歐陸開花結果,輝煌發展做了準備。90年代之前的金屬樂大部分都是屬於傳統重金屬Heavy Metal的範圍


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    In the 1970th, the huge volume created by electric guitar and the intense drumbeats gave the public an impression of noisiness, so this style of music was given the name "Heavy Metal". Until the 1980th, heavy metal bands started to increase at an exponential rate, with the help from New Wave Of British Heavy Metal band (The new wave of heavy metal from English London), it made Heavy Metal music very popular at Britain and the States at that time; moreover, it prepared for the glory rise of metal music style in Europe after the 1990th. Before 1990th, most of the metal style music belong to the traditional Heavy Metal area.

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    裡面有些詞不會翻 所以照字面翻了

    像: 金屬樂風, 就直接翻 Metal Music Style = = (我覺得蠻怪的...不過...想不到更好的) 還有, 樂風我也不是很確定有沒有特定的詞...所以直接就翻了 Music Style (音樂風格嘛~~)

    雨後春筍...這個...我覺得如果照字面翻一定會很怪 所以就把他翻成了 "increase at an exponential rate"~

    嗯...大概就這樣子了吧~ 希望對你有幫助

    參考資料: 我, 魷魚, 我, 魷魚
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    Electric guitar result device enormous volume , strong drum hit at that time people feel like this unprecedented happy wind the seventies, feeling quite noisy and calling it " Heavy Metal ", by the eighties, heavy metal orchestra rose out like the mushrooms after rain, in addition, to add fuel to the flames New Wave Of British Heavy Metal (new tide , heavy metal of Great Britain ,), let Heave Metal in the 1980s on in fashion for a time Great Britain and America, yield positive results at Continental Europe for the metal music after the 1990s wind too , has prepared in brilliant development. The metal music before the 1990s was for the most part ranges of traditional heavy metal Heavy Metal

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