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Huge quakes terrify southern Taiwan

1.Two major earthquakes rocked Taiwan last night, collapsing at least three buildings and killing at least one person in the southern portion of the country.

2.Phone lines and power were cut in many areas of southern Taiwan. At press time, reports were filtering in detailing the damage and TV footage showed rescue workers attempting to locate people suspected to have been buried in rubble.

3.A Ministry of the Interior spokesperson earlier said no reports of casualties had been received at press time, but that given the severity of the quakes, casualties were expected.

The first quake measured 7.2 on the Richter scale according to the US Geological Survey, but Taiwan's Central Weather Bureau said it measured 6.7. There was no explanation for the difference in the measurements.

4.The first tremor hit at 8:26pm, and the weather bureau said its epicenter was 21.8km southwest of Hengchun Township (恆春) in Pingtung County near the southernmost tip of Taiwan. It occurred 22km under the sea.

5.The second tremor hit about eight minutes later, with its epicenter 12km west of Fangliao Township (枋寮), also in Pingtung County. It originated 21km underground. It measured 6.4 on the Richter scale, the bureau said.

6.The second quake's epicenter was only 27.9km southeast of Kaohsiung, the nation's second-largest city.

7.The quakes knocked down two apartment buildings in Hengchun, burying 11 people in the rubble. At press time, the body of a man had been recovered and four people rescued, while six people were still trapped.





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    巨大的地震害怕南部的臺灣1.2個主要地震被晃動的臺灣上夜, 崩潰在最少三個大廈和殺害在最少一個人在國家的南部。2.電話線和力量被削減了南臺灣許多地區。在新聞時間, 報告過濾在選派損傷並且電視英尺長度顯示了急救隊員試圖找出人被懷疑被埋沒了在瓦礫。3.內務部發言人認為及早傷亡報告未被接受在新聞時間, 但是那被給地震, 傷亡的嚴肅被期望了。第一地震測量了7.在里氏規模根據美國地質調查, 但臺灣的中央天氣局認為它測量了6.7 。沒有解釋為在測量上的區別。4.The 第一震顫擊中了在8:26pm, 並且天氣局認為它的震央是Hengchun 小鎮21.8km 西南在Pingtung 縣在臺灣附近最南端的一角。它發生了22km 在海之下。5.The 第二震顫並且大約八分鐘以後擊中了, 以它的震央12km 在Fangliao 小鎮西邊, 在Pingtung 縣。它發源21km 地下。它測量了6.4 在里氏規模, 局說。6.The 地震的震央其次是Kaohsiung, 國家的第二大城市只27.9km 東南部。7.The 地震敲了在二個公寓下在Hengchun, 埋葬11 個人在瓦礫。在新聞時間, 一個人的屍體被找到了並且四個人被搶救了, 當六個人仍然被困住。

    This earthquake severe wound entire south Taiwan, many

    disaster situations unceasingly spread, therefore we should in usually

    have many to pay attention to training which it takes measures against

    natural disasters, but is not occurs after the disaster only then

    strengthens it to train, so first, when the earthquake comes again,

    receives the injury also can reduce many, also hoped this institute

    creates the injury can reduce to is smallest, also hoped the wounded

    could soon be restored to health.

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