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After graduated from China University of Technology I went to study English at Vanwest College in Vancouver. I had been studying ESL (English as Second Language) for five months and studying BEC (Cambridge Business English Certificates) for two months. I was in the high intermediate level for four months and then I passed the exam into the low advanced level for one month. I was thinking in the future I would like to engage in international business so I transferred to BEC for two months. I was very enjoying my class in BEC. I had learned many things about business. I learned not only business wording but also how to presentation in a practical way.

I was major in international business at the University. I have had interested in this area and I learned the basic principles of marketing, accounting, bookkeeping, and business correspondence. While I was at senior year I went to Indonesia with my father on business. I joined the meeting process and visited the factory. This experience was broaden my view and inspired me to study English hard and make me want to work in the international company.

My interests included languages, computers, and travel. In my spare time, I enjoy sports and listening to music. I can speak conversational English. Also, I have good computer skills and my typing speed is 51 words per minute. I am interested in all aspects of business. Being responsible to any thing I do, I think it will do a great help on maintaining our customer.

In the future I hope to find a challenging job where I can develop my managerial skills.



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    Hello there,

    just a quick browse through your article, here are few suggestions:

    1. try not to repeat 'I' over sentences.

    2. with your qualification and certificates, keep them in bullet form, so reviewer can read and follow easily. for example.

    Mar/2006 - May/2006 Cambridge Business English Certificates (Advanced Level, school name, country)

    Dec/2005 - Feb/2006 English as Second Language (Vanwest College, Vancouver)

    Dec/2001 - Feb/2004 China University of Technology (Major ...., Taiwan R.O.C.)

    3. Make sure most recent education/certificate in first order

    4. if you wish to work for International corporatation, do write you like their culture and the way how the company operate, if you kept saying you study hard in english or subjects, they will not be interested.

    5. it is important you also include how you going to do to become part of team, how to present yourself to make company towarding 'their' goal.

    6. mention you are very well communicate person, prompt and quick learner and can adapt to fast paste working environment. (unless company is willing to spend money train you, they dont really want to spend much time with new comer, they always want experienced/skilled person)

    7. try not to be vague on your skills (ie. 'have good computer skills' can be expand to 'Microsoft Office proficient'; try to meet company's requirement and write specific skills you have according to that)

    8. the last sentence you wrote can alter a bit.. the way you present make company fear you will change job very quickly..

    if you like, you can have a look on my old resume online

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