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傳播學中依W. Weaver的說法,溝通的範疇極廣:『The word communication will be used here in a very broad sense to include all of the procedures by which one mind may affect another. This, of course, involves not only written and oral speech, but also music, the pictorial arts, the theatre, the ballet, and in fact all human behavior. In some connections it may be desirable to use a still broader definition of communication, namely, one which would include the procedures by means of which one mechanism affects another mechanism. 』


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    Communication 這個字用在這裡是比較廣泛的意義。它包含了一個想法會影響另一個想法等等的步驟。當然,這不只涉及寫作或口語,也包含了音樂、藝術、戲劇、芭蕾,或者總規來看所有的人類行為。在有些連結中,Communication 還可以更廣泛地解釋為一項機制影響另一項機制。

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