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What does thermoconfomer mean?

What does the word thermoconformer mean?

Whereas an organism that thermoregulates is one that keeps its core body temperature within certain limits, a thermoconformer changes its body temperature with changes to the temperature outside of its body.




What kind of regulation? mind tell me the details?

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    Main Entry: therm-

    Variant(s): or thermo-

    Function: combining form

    Etymology: Greek, from thermE

    1 : heat <thermostat>

    2 : thermoelectric <thermopile>


    Main Entry: con&bull;form

    Function: verb

    Etymology: Middle English, from Anglo-French conformer, from Latin conformare, from com- + formare to form, from forma form

    transitive verb : to give the same shape, outline, or contour to : bring into harmony or accord <conform furrows to the slope of the land>

    intransitive verb

    1 : to be similar or identical; also : to be in agreement or harmony -- used with to or with <changes that conform with our plans>

    2 a : to be obedient or compliant -- usually used with to <conform to another's wishes> b : to act in accordance with prevailing standards or customs <the pressure to conform>

    synonym see ADAPT

    - con&bull;form&bull;er noun

    - con&bull;form&bull;ism /-'for-"mi-z&m/ noun

    - con&bull;form&bull;ist /-mist/ noun or adjective

    生物學是觀察歸納演繹的科學﹐既然探測溫度的儀器越來越精密﹐許多原來公認的現象和理論都面臨挑戰。在自然界能夠適應環境溫度變化的有機體只有鳥類和哺乳類等高等動物﹐在討論體溫調節機制時﹐把不涵蓋在討論範圍的種屬賦以一個籠統的名稱 thermoconformer﹐以便用來和真正討論的重點thermoregulates 作一個區分﹐現有的中文&ldquo;變溫動物&rdquo;在這裡還算適用。


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    對不起﹐自說自話﹐現在才看到版主問的是What kind of regulation?


    Thermoregulation in vertebrates


    Variations in the temperature of human beings and some animals

    Human temperature variation effects

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    thermoconformer 隨外界溫度變化而造成溫度變化的現象可以歸因於在 同一網址裡Temperature regulation 所談的傳導﹐對流﹐蒸發﹐輻射等。

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    It’s actually my fault to make it so confusing.

    To make it clear, this text talks about two categories of organisms:

    1) the thermoregulator and

    2) the thermoconformer

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    The difference between the two is related to their ability to regulate their body temperature.

    A thermoregulator is able to regulate its body temperature.

    A thermoconformer is not.

    參考資料: nature, 如果答非所問﹐請多包涵, 像在亂槍打鳥不知所云