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採夢天地 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 1 0 年前


Give large after another..absorb..body..mistake..decrease..)..distinguish..cooperation..cooperate..decide..machine..switch..again..start..disappear..have.They succeeded at the end, all the people were embarrassed because he or she took everything off, and Houon was answered in former state.

It treasures it in the mind with the recollection that it comes even if the last one of the seven days is slow, Max ..regret.. however nothing but does the greeting of Jirachi and the separation, and Jirachi associates through all eternity.

The moral lesson: and by mistake, and there is often a dream of me who should achieve it by a right method on the lever why. It is hoped to make an effort so that everyone may achieve all its dreams for one new year.

上面的文章 請幫我看看有沒有需要改的地方

可能會有很多錯誤 還請多多見諒><





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    Butler did not give up, secretly following them, he successfully rescued Jirachi again and brought Groundon back to life with absorbing the enormous power from the comet. However, the one created by Butler was a failure because it started to gain enormous energy by absorbing the beings surrounding to it. May, Brock, and Dianne were absorbed and gone one by one. Butler decided to cooperate with Ash and Max after he realized that he did it wrong. They turned on the power of the machine in order to kill Groundon. Finally they did it, and everyone was rescued; Douon has been back to its original way.

    The night of seven days after has come. Max and Jirachi got no choices but had to leave each other. Max decided to remember and put all of the memory with Jirachi deep in the heart.

    The story reveals the fact that it is all good if people have known that what they did before is wrong and have stopped doing those evil activities. People should achieve their goals by applying proper ways. I hope that eveyone can achieve their goals(or dreams) in the new year!

    希望有幫到你 =)

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