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請各位英文高手幫我英翻中~急需 (不要翻譯網站的喔!!)

3.Find the right feed rate

The type of material you sand and how much you want to remove with each pass determines the best speed. If your machine has speed control on the conveyor belt, start at 50% and then adjust it according to the results you get. If your machine doesn’t have speed control, take lighter passes until you develop a feel for your machine’s capabilities. Some species, such as hard maple and cherry, are prone to burning, as is end grain (see photo at left). Light passes at a higher speed are the best way to avoid burning these types of woods. Oak and similar woods are less likely to burn, so a slower feed rate and more aggressive stock removal works fine. Remember, though, a drum sander is not a planer and is not made to hog off lots of wood in one pass. Also, if your speed or depth setting is too aggressive, you may get sanding chatter, which produces a tiny washboard texture on the wood. It can be hard to see, but hand sanding with a paper one grit finer than the level you used in the drum sander or holding the board up to the light usually reveals the little ripple pattern that sanding chatter produces. Staining and finishing will certainly reveal the ripples, but that creates a big “Opos”. One way to avoid such an unpleasant surprise is do a final sanding of your project with a random-orbital sander, whether you suspect chatter marks or not.

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    3. 如何找到適當的供給速度

    最適當的速度是由你要磨光的材料以及你每一次操作要磨掉多少來決定. 如果你的機器在傳輸帶上面有速度控制的功能, 你可以先從50%開始, 然後再依照你所得到的成果來調整速度. 如果你的機器沒有速度控制的功能, 剛開始每一次操作都輕一些, 一直到你了解了這台機器的功效為止. 有一些材料, 例如槭木和櫻桃木, 很容易因摩擦而焦掉, 而 end grain (注: 我不知道這是什麼, 可能是一種木材吧) 也是一樣. 在將這些材料磨光時, 在速度快一點而力道輕一點是防止焦掉的最好方法. 橡木和類似的木材比較不容易焦掉, 所以供給速度快一點而力道重一點是無妨的. 可是要記得, 滾筒型磨沙機跟鉋床是不一樣的, 而且不能在每一次操作都除到很多木頭. 另外, 如果你的速度和深度設定太高的話, 材料上面會產生震痕 (類似洗衣板的紋理). 震痕肉眼可能看不太到, 可是如果你用比磨沙機上面更細一點的砂紙磨過後或者是把木材拿到光底下來看, 都可以看到細小的波紋, 那就是震痕. 把木材染色或上漆一定會把震痕顯露出來. 要防止這種不好的驚喜的最好方法就是不論你有沒有懷疑震痕, 你最後一次磨光都用 random-orbital 磨光機來磨光.

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