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1.Perceived to be holding metals in the tissue which may be due to dental fillings, first or second hand cigarette smoke, environmental pollutants, cleaning products, personal care products, water pipes, table salt, acid music, acid thoughts, etc.

2.Appears as a double coastline. Perceived to be low alkalophile buffers including sodium bicarbonate and minerals; and spiritual disconnection.

3.Appear as one or more raised or rubbed out lighter areas or a blisters if found in 4th Ring. Perceived to be circulatory imbalances, high or low blood pressure, high cholesterol or magnesium deficiency.

4.Perceived to be challenges in men to the prostate; in women the uterus, cervix or ovaries; also the bladder; includes emotional imbalances

5.Perceived to be small and large bowel holding toxins, possible damage to the intestinal villas, possible pockets in intestine, poor or irregular elimination, and poor digestion with gas, pain or bloating.

6.Possible sources of parasites include diet, raw fish, improperly cooked protein, pets, travel out of country, water supply, weakened white blood cells. Parasites can only exist in an acidic environment with weakened tissue.




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    1.察覺穿織物拿金屬, 這可能由於牙齒的充滿, 第1 或者二手香煙, 環境污染物,清潔產品,個人護理產品,水管,食鹽,酸音樂,酸想法,等等

    2.作為雙倍的海岸線出現。 察覺是包括小蘇打和礦物質的低的alkalophile緩沖區; 以及精神的拆線。

    3.如果被在第4枚戒指裡發現,作為一個或更多提升或者擦掉的更明亮的地區或者一個水泡出現。 察覺循環不平衡,高或者低血壓,高膽固醇或者缺乏鎂。

    4.察覺是對前列腺的在人裡的挑戰; 在婦女裡子宮,頸或者卵巢; 此外膀胱; 包括感情不平衡

    5.察覺是拿毒素的小和大的腸, 可能的對腸的別墅,在腸,貧窮或者不規則的消除和有氣體,痛苦或者膨脹的不良的消化裡的可能的口袋的損害。

    6.寄生動物的可能的來源包括飲食,生的魚,不恰當煮蛋白質,寵物,移出國家,給水,減弱白血球。 寄生動物只能用減弱的織物在一種酸的環境裡存在。


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