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    The plot describes Japan clear cure Emperor to reform for the sake of the acceleration of footstep, find to come to space Ren captain in the hero Europe of the American south north war to train modern style army.He is led by the life of the Emperor a just received training to practice soon modern style army, want to annihilate to win 1 dollar warrior group, but cruelly the soldier hurt captive destiny, at him was captive's period, win a dollar to let him see Japanese warrior to pursue the dedication and sacrifice that personal and national honor makes, in very short time he found out the essentiality that the oneself has ever lost, he liked the life of the warriors gradually, he started learning the swordsmanship and the bushido spirit, leaving the country background here, he found out own essentiality.At the Emperor sends army to strike the warrior village for the second time of time, he already very clear oneself should be who and fight.


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    The plot describes emperor Meiji of Japan, in a quest to speed up the pace of Meiji Restoration, asked Captain Nathan Algren, a war hero in the American Civil War, to help modernize the Japanese army. When he followed emperor's order to lead a group of newly trained soldiers to attack a group of samurais led by Ken Katsumoto, the soldiers were defeated and Captain Algren was captured by the samurais. During his capture, he saw how Katusmoto and other fellow samurais sacrifice in the name of personal honor and the nation of Japan, and in short time he has found this lost soul far away from home. He began to appreciate samurai as a way of life, and started learning kendo and the teaching of Bushido. When the emperor ordered a second attack on the samurais, Captain Algren has already made up his mind which side he should fight for.

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    請問這是作業嗎? 我先前才協助翻譯一篇介紹電影[末代武士]的文章並且剛獲選,當然因為中文寫法不同所以翻譯出來也就不一樣。 不過還是在這裡作一下聲明。

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    Gut description's Japan's Mingzhi's emperor for accelerate dimension new footfall, seek come America's Civil war de hero Europe's squares benevolence captain come train latest type army. He incur emperor zhi life lead a group of just incur train not jiu de latest type army, want annihilate win a yuan warrior's group, but but suffers soldier fail be captured de destiny, as prisoner qi jian at him, win yuan let he see Japan's warrior seek individual with national glory make de dedicate with sacrifice, at very he find oneself ever lose de natural instincts in short time, he gradually like warrior Men de life, he start study escrime with bushido spirit, leave the township background here, he find own natural instincts. At the second times emperors dispatch troops attack warrior's village de time, he has already very cleared oneself should for who but war.