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1. 浪費錢增加買煙的支出,和讓吸菸者的手指及牙齒會變黃而且二手菸也會造成週遭親人傷害到肺

2. 吸菸有害健康和增加死亡的機率 : 吸煙會干擾胃粘膜之修護,故吸煙者其胃及十二指腸潰瘍機會均較不吸煙者高,根據許多國家研究調查顥示,吸煙者死亡率比非昅煙者多70%,特別是對於青少年族群有更有明顯差別。

3. 吸菸會導致癌症 : 吸煙容易罹患肺癌、口腔癌、喉癌、泌尿器官癌等。

4. 吸菸會導致心血管疾病 : 肺氣腫.冠狀動脈疾病. 腦血管疾病和其他呼吸的疾病,每年約有10萬人因吸菸死於冠狀動脈心臟病而吸煙者引起冠狀動脈心臟病者約為不吸煙者之8倍左右。

5. 孕婦易早產 : 女性在懷孕期間吸煙,所生產的嬰兒體型會較小,因此嬰兒夭折的機會較高。而且吸煙者受孕機會下降,同時會延遲胎兒在子宮內生長,使胎兒平均重量少170克,出生後幼兒成長及智力發展均會受到影響。




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    Smoke the harm of Cigarette:

    1. Waste money is it buy expenditure of cigarette to increase, and second hand Smoking can cause surrounding area relative injure get 2 lung too with let finger and tooth of person who Smoking will yellow.

    2 Smoking and is harmful to health and increase the probability of the death: Smoking will interfere the maintenance of the stomach mucous membrane, so smoker's stomach and duodenal ulcer chance are higher than the non-smoker, is it investigate according to a lot of country Hao show, smoker death rate than cigarette person 70% large to study, especially even more to teenagers' ethnicity.

    3. Smoking will cause the cancer: Smoking is apt to suffer from lung cancer, oral cavity cancer, throat cancer, urinary organ cancer,etc..

    4 Smoking will cause the cardiovascular disease : Pulmonary emphysema. Coronary artery disease. The diseases of brain blood vessel disease and other breath, have because 100,000 people suck Yan die smoker cause coronary artery heart disease person non-smoker 8 times about about on coronary artery heart disease nearly every year.

    5. The pregnant woman exchanges premature delivery: Women smoke during pregnancy, the babies produced size will be relatively small, so the chance that the baby dies young is relatively high.

    And the smoker becomes pregnant the chance drops, will postpone foetus' growing in the uterus at the same time, made foetus' average weight lack 170 grams, the infant grew up and intelligence development will be influenced after born in. It is a air pollution sources that can see everywhere in Taiwan that Cigarette is hurt now. Smoke age drop gradually, and women smoke rate increase much too in recent years.

    Smoking is really that ' one hundred does not have a benefit to hurt ' to the mankind, no matter I or the person who smokes second hand cigarette, the injury that will cause the body to be greatest, so advise people smoking, think about oneself and others' health, please give up smoking at once!

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