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Your Teaching Methodology


" What is your own Teaching Methodology or Approach"回答內容包含了Background、Theory of Language、Theory of Language Learning、Objectives、The syllabus、Types of learning and teaching activities、

Learners Role、Teachers Role、The Role of Instructional Material 等

我已經寫了Background、Theory of Language其他的就擠不出來了..我的教學立場是站在營造學習的環境及多聽和多說是我的教學重點。還希望有學過TESOL的大大,可以幫我繼續下去,謝謝救命~~~要英文的喔!!謝啦!

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    Communicative approach is my favoriate teaching appraoch.

    In my class, different insructional materials will be used to encourage students to engage in speaking activities. Students will be exposed to the language as much as possible.

    In a traditional Taiwanese English learning setting, a teacher's role is to instruct and correct. However, I prefer to think a teacher's role as a helper and facilitator who helps students to speak up and pratice English in class.

    I also encourage students to take the role as an active learner who will not just sit and take notes from the teacher without prodcuing or practice the language activly by themselves.

    (Here is so information about teaching methods. You can have a clearer view about how teachers teach and how students learn. )