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But others will clearly benefit. The shipping industry will be able to use new short-cuts along the north coast of North America and the north coast of Russia. A newly navigable Arctic could cut thousands of miles off the journey between the Atlantic and the Pacific.

The biggest beneficiary is likely to be Russia itself, which encircles almost half the Arctic Ocean. Currently uninhabitable areas will become more hospitable; currently inaccessible energy resources will become more exploitable.

According to the United States Geological Service, about one-quarter of the worlds undiscovered energy reserves may be in the Arctic. Earlier this year Russia announced a project to exploit the worlds biggest offshore gas field, Shtokman, 300 miles off its northern coast. Russia had been expected to pick partners from among the worlds big energy companies, but instead it let Gazprom, its energy giant, go it alone.

Russia has claimed half the Arctic Ocean, including the North Pole, as its territory. It submitted the claim under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, but had it rejected. The convention decrees that who owns what is determined partly by the extent of a countrys continental shelf, and Russia did not have enough geological data to back up its claim. Russia is now mapping energetically, as are America, Canada, Denmark and Norway, which also border the Arctic Ocean.

However the sea is divided up, warming is likely to make Russia richer rather than poorer. Which may help explain the reluctance of some Russian members of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the body charged by the UN with establishing the facts on climate change, to accept that global warming is a problem that needs to be dealt with

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    但是其它人將清楚獲益。 海運業將能沿著北美洲的北岸和俄羅斯的北岸使用新捷徑。 一新近可航行北極在那些大西洋和那些太平洋之間的那些旅行。

    最大的受益人很可能自己是俄羅斯,這環繞幾乎一半北極海。 目前不適于居住的地區將變得更好客; 目前不易接近的能源將變得更可開發。

    根據美國地質服務,關於未被發現的能量保留的世界的四分之一可能在北極。 今年早些時候俄羅斯宣佈一項工程利用世界最大的離岸的氣田,Shtokman,離它的北方的海岸的300英里。 俄羅斯有預計挑合伙人從世界大能源公司之中,改為,它讓Gazprom,它的能源巨人,獨自過活。

    俄羅斯已經聲稱一半北極海,包括北極,作為它的領土。 它在《聯合國海洋法公約》下提交索賠,但是讓人拒絕它。 大會法令誰擁有什麼以一個國家陸棚的範圍部分確定, 並且俄羅斯沒有足夠地質的數據支持它的索賠。 俄羅斯積極現下是繪圖,與美國,加拿大,丹麥和挪威,哪個也邊北極海一樣。

    但是這個海被分,暖很可能使俄羅斯更富有而不是更貧窮。 可以幫助解釋解決氣候變化問題的政府小組的一些俄國成員的不情願, 用確定在氣候變化上的事實聯合國收費的身體,相信全球變暖是需要被處理的一個問題

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