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我想要知道我的期末成積,我知道我考的不是很理想,可能真的是我準備的不夠多,希望老師不要當我.以後我會增進我的英文實力,不論在閱讀, 聽英文,說英文等方面,這樣往後的考試才不會後悔.

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    I wants to know my period end becomes to accumulate, I know what I test isn't very ideal, possibility really is what I prepare is much notter enough, hopes the teacher isn't me.I will promote my English strength hereafter, hearing English in the reading in spite of, speaking English etc. aspect, examining hereafter so just will not regret.

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    I want to know my finaly becomes the product, I knew I test am not

    very ideal, possibly really is I preparesnot to be many, hoped

    teacher do not want to work as I Later I will be able to promote my

    English strength, no matter will be reading, will listen to English,

    said aspect and so on English, the such in the future test only then

    will not be able to regret