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翻譯 中翻英 拜託好心人!! 謝謝

一 菸商法認為菸害防治法修訂草案 侵害吸煙者吸煙的自主權   菸商的商業自主權和店家的營業自主權

二 法律學者認為 吸煙不危害全民健康 憲法保障吸煙自由

三 室內場所禁菸危害吸煙者權力 吸煙者雖有權吸煙但沒有權力  強迫別人吸入他們的二手煙甚至因此生病 且二手煙最大受害  者是小孩 也稱為隱形殺手 

四 營業場所或餐廳若禁菸是否會影響生意所得?不 一些被證實  在無煙之後增加了營業額


五 證據蒐集了二十年 包括世界衛生組織許多醫學團體合世界各  地 像:美國 加拿大 澳洲 英國 等國家衛生部門都證實  二手煙帶來非吸煙者的嚴重疾病與死亡

六 立法實施是公共場所或工作場所全面禁菸之國家與地區有國家  十二個: 愛爾蘭 挪威 紐西蘭 不丹 義大利 馬爾他   瑞典 烏干達 烏拉圭 百慕達 冰島 英國 

  地區三十六個:美國十六洲 哥倫比亞特區 加拿大九省 澳  洲七州 蘇格蘭 美屬波多黎各 香港(2006/10/1  9通過2007/1/1執行) 

七 若對吸煙的危害有所顧慮 就趕快戒煙 或根本不要開始 但  吸煙畢竟是成年人的選擇 反菸的人也不須抹黑吸煙者 畢竟  一個人會抽煙 可能是有很複雜的是社會與心理背景因素除   非法律有一天禁止

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    A the cigarette business' method thinks the cigarette harms to prevent and cure the method revised draft to violate the smoker smoking of from the sovereignty cigarette business' business business of independent power and the store house from sovereignty

    Two legists think the smoking doesn't endanger a civil and healthy constitution guarantee to smoke cigarette a freedom

    Three indoor places forbid although the cigarette bane smoker power smoker have the power smoking there is no power forcing other people inhale their second-hand smoke to even therefore get sick and the second-hand smoke is the biggest to victimize is a kid to also is called invisible cutthroat

    If do four business places or restaurant forbid whether cigarette would influence business income or not?Not some was confirmed to increase sales amount after having no smoke

    The five evidences collected for 20 years to include many medical science groups in the World Health Organization to match world to be like eachly:American Canadian Australia England waits for national health sections to all confirm the second-hand smoke brings the serious disease and death of the non- smoker

    Six lawmaking implements are the public places or the work place to forbid completely there are national 12ses in the nation and region of the cigarette: Norway New Zealand Bhutan in Ireland Italian Maltese Sweden Uganda Uruguay is Bermuda Iceland England

    36 region:16 continent special area Canada, Columbias, the United States nine province Ao continents seven state Scotlands are beautiful to belong to Hong Kong, Puerto Rico(2006/10/19 pass 2007/1/one performance)

    Seven if have a worry to the bane of the smoking to quit smoking or don't start at all but smoke cigarette at once is the person of the choice anti-smoking of the adult to also need not to discredit smoker after all after all a personal meeting to smoke may be is very complex is a social and mental background factor in addition to the non- law forbids one day


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