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If any group of people where to have faith in the ability of full-grown tigers to live amicably with human beings, it would be buddhist monks. The saffron-robed ascetics of Thailand's Wat Pa Luangta Bua Yannasampanno Forest Monastery, colloquially known as the Tiger Temple, live with 17 of the beasts-rendered no less fearsome by the cuddly names (Sunshine, Morning, Sky, Rainbow) the monks have bestowed on them. The tigers spend most of the day caged, but are allowed on them. The tigers spend most of the day caged, but are allowed out for an unleashed afternoon stroll-at which time visitors to the temple, about 200 km west of Bangkok, have the opportunity to pet them.

Confronting a monster that has the perfect freedom to disembowel you with a single swipe of its paw probably requires faith in some kind of higher power-or at the very least in the affable head abbot Phra Acharn Phoosit Chan, who founded the temple in 1994 as asanctuary for orphaned and injured animals. The tigers, visitors will be relieved to hear, are raised in accordance with Buddhist proscriptions on violence. Feisty behavior, such as growling or cuffing, is punished with squirts of water from plastic bottles, and provocations are minimized-when an appetizinggoat or cow strolls by, mpnks shield the tigers' eyes. It's probably just as well that the tigers are not allowed naer the small coterie of horses and deer that the temple also maintains.

The temple is in the process of expanding the current tiger habitat, an expensive project that relies entirely on donations from visitors. The hope is that this added space will dispense with the need for cages altogether. That development, however, will give greater urgency to the waivers that every visitor must sign, releasing the temple from any liability in the event of a mauling.The monks may believe in the power of compassion to calm the savage beast-but they're not stupid.

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    如果些人在哪裡有信心對生長完全的老虎的能力居住寺廟, 活與17 由cuddly 名字(陽光、早晨、天空, 彩虹) 野獸回報沒有較不可怕修士贈送了在他們。老虎花費大多數天被關進籠子,

    但允許在他們。老虎花費大多數天被關進籠子, 但考慮到時間訪客對寺廟, 大約200 公里在曼谷西邊, 有機會寵愛他們的一個被解開的下午漫步。

    面對有完善的自由取出內臟您與它的爪子一個唯一重擊的妖怪大概要求信念在一些种更高力量或至少在和藹可親的頂頭方丈Phra Acharn Phoosit Chan, 建立寺廟在1994 作為asanctuary 為成為孤兒的和被傷害的動物。老虎, 訪客將被解除聽見, 被上升與佛教放逐符合在暴力。易怒的行為, 譬如咆哮或打, 被懲罰與噴水從塑料瓶, 並且挑釁是使減到最小當appetizinggoat 或母牛漫步, mpnks 保護老虎的眼睛。它大概是, 老虎不被提供naer 寺廟並且贍養馬和鹿的小小集團。

    寺廟是在擴展當前的老虎棲所過程中, 整個地依靠捐贈從訪客的一個昂貴的項目。希望是,

    這增加的空間一共將省卻對籠子的需要。那發展, 然而, 意志給更加偉大的緊急每個訪客必須簽署的放棄, 發布寺廟從任一個責任在mauling.The 修士情形下也許相信慈心的力量鎮定野人野獸但他們不是愚笨的。


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