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求助英翻中 急需要用


我喜歡自然科學 我喜歡世界各種偉大的發明,我也喜愛歷史 因為前人遺留給我們的 是具有智慧 始人驚喜的

我想自己頭腦並不像別人,可以對數字有概念 但並不表示我不喜歡讓頭腦思考 益智遊戲 令我很感興趣

總是在數學 國文 英文課之後 最想做的是和朋友打球那真的很有趣


我想所有學習當中 最重要的是語言

因為英文是種最基本的語言 也是與國外溝通的好工具

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    I ain't good at a long and numerical related subject most at school,

    I like natural science, I like world various great invention, I also like history because the predecessors leave behind to our is have intelligence to start a person surprised and pleased of

    I miss oneself's brains also is unlike other people, can have concept by the logarithms word but don't indicate I don't like to let the brains thinking quiz game make I am very interested in

    Always think what to do is with friend to play ball that most after mathematics the state language English language class really very interesting

    Also really is the good method that grows to put aside pressure

    I think all learnings in the middle language to is most important

    Because English is grow the most basic language also is with foreign communication of good tool