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幫我翻譯成英文 有關台灣的傳統婚禮 (急)


例如:祭祖 吃湯圓等等~一些只有中國人或是台灣人才需要的文化






please use own words, thanks.



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    Traditional Chinese Wedding12 Grand Gift List傳統男方的12件聘禮

    1.聘金Li Shi Money. The amount is determined by the groom's family, usually contains the number 9, such as $99, $999, etc.

    2.珠寶Jewelries, such as gold dragon-phoenix bangle. Two families discuss the design and cost before purchase.

    3.龍鳳糕 蛋糕Two pairs of dragon-phoenix cakes, and certain amount of Chinese and western cakes.

    4. 雙數的乾海鮮及髮菜Dried seafood and mushroom and Fat Cai. Fat Cai is a must as it symbolize fortune and prosperity. Seafood to be presented in four, six or eight items, which include sea cucumber, clam, shrimp, squid, shark fins, etc.

    5. 2對雞Three poultries. Two pair of raw chicken, two males and two females; 2 to 4 kilograms of pork, shoulder-cut, meaning "double fly".

    6. 一對魚Fish. Two pair of fish to bring "fish smell", same pronunciation as "lively air."

    7.一對椰子Coconut. Two pair of coconut, which pronounced as "ye zi", same as "grandfather and son."

    8.4瓶酒Wine or liquor, four bottles together.

    9. 龍眼Four Peking Dried Fruits, dragon eyes, leechy, chestnuts, shelled peanuts, contained in a red, wooden decorated box named Tie Box. Other items in the Tie Box include lotus seeds, lily, cypress leaf, sesame, red beans, green beans, red dates, and red string, Li Shi money, dragon-phoenix candles a pair, and red banners one set.

    10. Raw fruit, certain amount, to indicate "sheng", a word to express liveliness.

    11.檳榔Bin Lang, two pairs.

    12.茶Tea, two cans. Tea is planted with seeds. Tea as a gift implies that the family will have more seeds after the wedding.

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    Chinese Wedding Dowry List


    1. 24-carat gold jewelries; 2. 1 pair of chopsticks to indicate "fast son";

    3. 2 bowls tied up with red string which is called "sons and grandsons bowls";

    4. toilet kettle;

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    ; 5. bed spread and pillows and quilt embroidered with dragon-phoenix design;

    6. scissors and ruler; wallet and belt, 7. sliced candy;

    8. tea sets including tea pot, tea cups and tea tray;

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    9. clothe wrapped together with cypress leaves,

    10. lotus seeds, 11. lucky money (Li Shi), 12. dried fruit such as dragon eyes.

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    和八字Birthday Matching

    聘金Bride Price (Betrothal Gifts)

    聘禮Presenting Wedding Gifts

    選定婚期Picking the Wedding Day

    婚禮儀式Wedding Ceremony

    婚禮隊伍Wedding Procession

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    迎新娘 Welcoming the Bride Actual Wedding Ceremonies

    喝喜酒 Wedding banquet

    以下網站有詳細英文介紹 如果你想知道流程 參考看看





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    丟扇子 throw out a fan from the limo window before the bride leave her parents for the groom's home.

    潑水 Bride's parents splash the water against the limo when the bride enters the limo.

    吃甜湯圓 eat sweet stuffed dumplings to symbolize that the new couple will have a boy very soon next year

    跪別父母 have a kneeling position in front of bride's parents before groom and bride leave from the bride's home.

    踩瓦片 tread on the roof tile or go across the brazier to symolize the bride's bad luck to be disappeared from now on

    十二樣禮 prepare 12 gifts to send with each other between bride and groom

    喜餅 wedding cookies for celebrating their engagement

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    吃湯圓 eat glue pudding

    祭祖 ancestor worship


    如果我知道 都很樂意提供唷

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