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    Anne of Green Gables addresses social problems of the early twentieth century. Women's social status are low at the early twentieth century.

    But the writer thinks that boys and girls are equally intelligent and talented. For instance, all the capable graduates of the Avonlea school, whether male or female, continue their studies at Redmond College.

    After reading this book, I loved Miss Muriel Stacy very much. Her sympathy and encouragement motivate her students far more effectively than does Mr. Phillips's sarcasm. I hope I can meet a teacher like Miss Muriel Stacy . Besides, Anne has her merits and faults. I think Anne is a little too agreeable, too optimistic. Also, she is a progressive thinker. She tries her best to achieve her idea&mdash;Anne goes on to become a teacher.

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    sorry,是 in the early twentieth century

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    her idea後面是 —Anne goes on to become a teacher,電腦畫面有

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