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翻譯文章 急需 拜託 一下



使用knife, fork和spoon時,不要弄出聲音,不用時,也不要用手撥弄刀叉玩。



請幫我翻譯一下 禁用翻譯機喔

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    The European and American countries dinner table mostly is a

    rectangle, the male master (host) sits in a table end, the hostess

    (hostess) sits in another end, usually arranges when the seat must

    avoid two male guests or two female guests as far as possible and sits

    in the same place. When goes to eat, the body essential seat straight,

    between the body and the dinner table is away from take can use the

    knife (knife), forks (fork), the spoon (spoon) and the diet

    convenience as, the arm do not have to put on the table, also do not

    have to open hinders the others. The table napkin only uses in to

    scratch the mouth and the hand, cuts cannot use for to clean the mess

    gear and to scratch the nasal mucus, wipes away sweat. After dines

    finishes receives the table napkin to put right the tray.

    When uses knife, fork and spoon, do not have to cause the sound, when

    does not use, also do not have to use the hand to provoke the knife

    and fork to play.

    When a vegetable finishes eating, when or does not want again to eat,

    and forks the knife and discharges in the same place, the knife and

    fork handle faces the oneself chest. If has not finished eating, only

    is for converse temporarily stops eats, suspends the knife and fork

    “ Eight ” The glyph, such service person cannot receive

    the tray.

    The hostess usually is the management entire banquet (party) the

    master, everybody pays attention to her movement. When takes a seat,

    specially the small banquet, after generally must wait for the female

    guest first to sit down, the male guest only then sits down. The male

    guest is best the female guest which also must help the adjacent seat

    to pull the chair. After on the vegetable, after generally must wait

    for the hostess to begin to eat, the visitors (guests) only then eat.

    When the banquet ends, also takes the lead by her to the mat.

    參考資料: 英文老師^ ^
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