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如題~請英文高手幫個忙 不要求相同~大致上文意對就好

請別用翻譯程式或網站翻譯好嘛??因為那個文法都不對= =




-馴服-在夫權社會裡,意味著大男人主義統治下殘暴的家庭專政;但在這劇,有他特殊的涵義,就是打碎真我”緊緊籠罩住的“假我”的外殼,使她完成一次痛苦的蛻變,以一個新面貌-符合傳統良家規範的賢妻良母型  所謂的女性主義,並不是指女人就可以過分的專橫,女性也不能因為之前幾百世紀男人們的大男人主義過分的壓抑女性而如今反過來報復,而是應該追求所謂的平等

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    The early comedy "Taming of the shrew" was take at that time the emerging residential street level family as background one of minority several plays, In the play naked is recounting the feudalism mercenary marriage scene . Is the father to treat as daughter's love a something by auction , The wooer visits who to two said looked who gives the cash as a present are most , Does he on marry the daughter to who . But causes - daughter's wedding date all to determine , Had not determined actually whose this idea the bridegroom is , Also the concept which betrothed children before they are born with the past China is a little similar , In present person's eye , As if is an extremely inconceivable matter , The modern men and women are fastidious are especially free to choose a mate

    -Tames - in the husband's authority society , Meant under male chauvinist principle rule cruel family dictatorship ; But at this play , Has his special implication , Destroys really my &rdquo ; Closely covers &ldquo ; Assumes my & rdquo ; Outer covering , Causes her to complete a time painful transformation,- Conforms to the traditional respectable family standard good wife and loving mother by a new look . So-called feminine principle , Is not refers to the woman to be possible excessive despotic , The female cannot because before but several hundred century man male chauvinist principle excessive constrains the female the present in turn retaliation , But is should pursue the so-called equality



    因為你的資料上出現亂碼吧 !!

    但是希望對你有幫助 ^^

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